What is Challengecoins4less?

When the word “coin” gets mentioned, one thing considered as undeniably significant in our lives usually flashes in our minds right away: money. No matter how little its amount, we can never deny its genuine value.
Aside from representing money, a certain kind of “coins” also serves a truly vital role in most organizations. It is named as, “challenge coins.”

Right now, a lot of us may be wondering about the specific details that embody them –

Where did they originate? How did people embark on producing them and putting so much importance into them? Why did they come to call it that way? What exactly is that “challenge” one gets from, or in them?

One ancient story dating back to the Roman Empire recalls that during this era, coins were used to be given as tokens of appreciation for courageous soldiers who had numerous, honorable achievements.

Some myths also claim that Colonel “Buffalo Bill” Quinn of the 17th Infantry Regiment produced possibly one of the earliest challenge coins ever seen and recorded, for his soldiers in the Korean War.

Custom Coins

Another story, which has been regarded as the most common of all the stories about their origin, transpired during World War 1. Solid bronze medallions struck with their insignia were distributed to a flying squadron by their rich officer. One pilot was seized after getting shot by the German troop. Everything, but the medallion concealed inside the tiny leather pouch donned around his neck, was forcibly taken from him. He found a way to evade and reached France, however, he was captured to be executed by the French troop as they believed he was a spy. To be spared from such execution, he unleashed his medallion. One of the French soldiers identified its insignia. They liberated him and he went back to his unit.

Members,who officially received their medallions from their unit, usually challenge each other to show these, whenever someone bangs his own down the bar. Once a member in such event happens to not have his coin available, he’s required to purchase drinks for everyone who has theirs during the challenge. While if the challenged individual is able to present such, then drinks for everyone there is on the person who dared.

Apart from being the central object in such activity called, “Coin Challenge,” honorable awardees and special guests also obtain them in remuneration of their sincerest hard work, through a formal handshake.  Currently, numerous associations outside the military also offer custom coins to their members for collection purposes.

With its growing popularity and its important functions in the society –

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