Connect With Online Customers through Content Marketing

The internet provides consumers with access to a variety of programs that merchants are losing sales opportunities through brand advertisements. Consumers of today skip television advertising, seldom read magazine advertising and turn to surfing the web for information without a glance given to banners or buttons.

Traditional models of marketing no longer work, especially with the increasing popularity of the internet. The internet is changing consumer behavior, paying less attention to traditional marketing strategies. Experienced marketing strategists are aware of this trend, are knowledgeable about new online marketing and have devised new marketing approaches to catch the attention of online consumers.

One online marketing strategy that is gaining recognition from online entrepreneurs. Content marketing is not new. You might ask why content marketing should be critical to online entrepreneurial success. Setting up a content marketing program is a complex and an ongoing process. Outsourcing an expert on content marketing may prove time and cost-saving in the long run.

The value-laden content marketing

contentContent marketing has evolved from its original concept into a more challenging and value-laden writing. Content marketing, unlike the understanding of the original concept, is not just social media or a company blog. The shift in meaning is apparent from pushing a brand to a display of expertise and a description of a product that is not obviously promotional or selling in direct intent but what value the product can give to customers.

Once you understand the substance of content marketing, you will see that it is a powerful marketing strategy that allows an online entrepreneur to create and spread valuable, consistent, and relevant content of a brand or service for the purpose of attracting and maintaining a target clientele. The bottom line is, from attracting potential customers, the content marketing approach leads to profitable customer action by influencing consumer behavior.

Influence is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. Through influence, you are able to have an effect on consumer behavior without being too promotional in tone and direct them to buy the brand. And, the most effective way to gain influence is to put value into your brand.

The success of content marketing is such that a large percentage of content marketers (70%) are producing more content than before. Content marketing strategy accounts for 57% of purchase decisions are made before they potential consumers talk to a sales representative. Another 57% of online entrepreneurs have people whose job is to focus on content marketing.

The Benefits you Get from Content Marketing

Creating an effective content marketing program is, as mentioned, a complex and ongoing process which entails:

• writing content that would serve as a magnet to your target audience. Attracting your target market should result to potential leads and establish your brand as a leader in your specific industry.

• Understanding and clearly defining your target audience. You have to be sure that you are directing your content to the right audience. Hitting the right audience needs a thorough knowledge and understanding of your specific clientele.

• The objective of writing the content is not direct selling but to have the desired effect on target audience which will drive them to profitable customer action. This approach means including “call to actions” which are specific enough to make it clear to your target audience what actions should be taken.

• Content writing does not make mention of your brand or service.
The whole process of content marketing is complex and content writing tedious. Content writing can take time off your staff which is better utilized on other concerns. To come up with quality content, writers need to be researchers, copy editors, designers, and SEO experts. Tasks which need a full time staff or more who could focus solely on content writing.

social-marketingHowever, the complexity of setting up a content marketing program and doing quality content writing should not discourage you from utilizing this online marketing strategy. The following benefits you get from content marketing more than offsets the complexity of a content marketing program, particularly when you consider the significant increase in your ROI.

• Positions your brand as a leader in the industry. Content writing shows you as a thoughtful leader in your industry. As a recognized leader, customers learn to trust your brand.

• Serves to attract new leads. Content that is written with thought and crafted well attracts potential customers or new leads.

• Increase traffic in your website. Increased traffic in your website translates to a magnified ROI.

• Improves your visibility through improved SEO ranking.

• Content marketing ultimately leads to increased sales. Though content writing does not explicitly state selling your product, you still increase your sale through the value of your brand which you successfully convey to your customer.

• Content writing is saves cost when compared to the traditional marketing. As you can see from the benefits, content marketing is a powerful tool to improve your chances of success as an online entrepreneur. The complexity of setting up a content marketing program and doing content writing need not stop you from using this approach. You can outsource experts to facilitate the setting up of a content marketing program.